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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:Do I need a reservation to come to group?

    A:No reservations are needed. Just come when you feel up to it.

  • Q:Is there a cost to attend?

    A:There is never a charge to attend a meeting.

  • Q:How many people attend group?

    A:Denver Share is a fluid group; therefore, we fluctuate in size from month to month. On average, we have 15 people in attendance. We welcome whomever needs to be with us at any given time.

  • Q:What can I expect group to look like?

    A:We meet in a beautiful, calm space. We provide light snacks and there is a wide selection of tea available. You will always be met with a smile, often a hug if that’s what you need and we will slowly begin group. We typically go around the room and give parents a chance to introduce themselves and the baby or babies they lost. After introductions, we take a break to chat, eat, and decompress before we begin the night’s discussion or activity.

  • Q:When I attend a meeting, will I have to talk?

    A:No. The expectations are that you treat everyone respectfully, and everyone will welcome you with open hearts. If you want to talk, talk. If you do not, there is no requirement to do so. We know you can get just as much out of our support group on a night you share as you do on a night you are unable to talk. We don’t bring a yardstick to group, meaning we don’t compare losses or the amount of sharing our parents are comfortable with.

  • Q:Does it matter when my loss occurred?

    A:We welcome anyone who has experienced a pregnancy loss at any gestational age or in the baby’s first few months of life. All are welcome at Denver Share. We know that grief is unlimited. It is unlimited both in how long it lasts, and in when it can begin. There is a saying that grief exists where love lived first. As soon as you felt love, you had the capacity to grieve.

  • Q:Will I see pregnant women in group? Will that be triggering?

    A:It is a very real possibility that there will be one or more pregnant women in group, and we are very aware that this may be painful or triggering. Please know they have been in your shoes and want to cause no harm. 

  • Q:Is this group for both parents or is it ok to come without my partner?

    A:We have several couples who attend our meetings making for a wonderful community of mothers and fathers. Dads grieve too, and we appreciate that they often need a chance to share just as much as moms do. It is not, however, required that your partner attends. If, for whatever reason, your partner can’t or doesn’t want to attend, that is ok. That goes both ways. If a dad or other partner wants to attend and the mom can’t/doesn’t want to, that is also absolutely ok. We do hope you’ll talk about your experience as we strive to open the lines of communication, not close them.

  • Q:Are there opportunities to meet with other group members outside of group?

    A:This is an ongoing mission we have, and we are working to cultivate outside activities and meet-ups. Many parents share phone numbers and email addresses to keep in contact, we had a women’s group attend a “sipping and creating” event to create memorabilia, and we host an annual celebration called “Annual 5k Run/Walk 4 Our Angels" in May

Support Meetings Anytime Is the Right Time to Attend a Denver Share Meeting

A room full of open and understanding hearts awaits you.


Members Share Their Experiences, Thoughts & Feelings
  • Denver Share connects individuals and families that have lost babies and helps to repair your broken heart.

    “You will never know a greater pain in life than losing your baby. And while you may feel entirely alone in the depths of your unspeakable grief, there are people that understand right where you are. ...”

    - Jenny and Justin Wallace, In honor of Isabella
  • I am beyond grateful for Denver Share.

    “Denver Share's support group has helped me during my darkest days after losing my daughter and then my twins. We attended this group just weeks after our first loss, and we continued to attend often ...”

    - Jenea Schroen, In honor of Ruby, Willow & Austin
  • Start your healing process.

    “A safe place to share your true feelings, help with your grief, and start your healing process.”

    - David & Alicia Thorpe, In honor of Zahn
  • Having a group of people that share an unspoken truth of loss is exactly the comfort I needed.

    “When you experience the loss of a child the people that are closest to you suddenly become strangers. They do their best to comfort you, but they don't know what to say. They don't know the nuances of ...”

    - Edie Frylings, In Honor of Annabelle
  • Denver Share and its members have become our family.

    “This has truly been a lifetime for me, as it is a place I can be real and honest about my grief, feelings, and fears that I have since losing my daughter. It has also given me hope and healing in ...”

    - Amy Moss, In honor of Kelsey